Exeter Book Printing

Knightstone Publishing produces some of the best paperback and hardback books in Devon, Exeter. From unique paperback books with custom options to fully customized hardback books. We make sure the book that we publish matches your expectations and more. All the books we print and publish are to a standard that anyone would be proud of.

We have a top-level book printing service that is unmatched in the book printing industry. There is no other company that comes close to the standards that we offer.

Our Spot UV and Embossing options are a leading option for your book printing. Our main unit is located in Marsh Barton in Exeter and so we can provide book printing services to many customers in Exeter.

Our paperback books are printed within 5 working days and can be shipped anywhere in the UK for £12 and within 2 working days.

Our hardback book printing service takes a little bit longer – about 3 weeks – but it is a much more involved service than our paperback books.

Again the hardback books we produce can be shipped anywhere in the UK within 2 days.

All our books can be sent worldwide. We often print books for customers overseas. Europe shipping options are within 4 working days.

Wherever you are located you can be sure Knightstone Publishing can print your book and dispatch it to you. Our Exeter base is well located and provides a unique book printing service that you will be proud of.

Why Exeter for Printing?

Being based in Exeter we have regular access to soeme of the best digital printing equipment in the world. Hardback and paperback book printing requires a next level digital printig method which we are proud to offer. Your search for a book printing company can stop here.

Deciding between a hardback book and paperback book can be a tough decision. Paperbacks are a nice option for getting your book to market nice and easily and are still an amazing product that your readers will enjoy.

However, hardback books are really something special that many of your readers will keep for years to come. Hardback book printing is a little more expensive than paperback books but you will be able to charge more.

How much does hardback book printing cost?

Roughly, hardback book printing can cost an extra £2 to £3 extra per copy but you can make more on this when you come to sell your book. Pre-orders of hardback books regularly sell for double the price of a paperback. Pre-orders of hardback books are the main option traditional publishing companies use.

Having a book launch with printed hardback books on display is a great way to have your book launch be something special. You can give your readers signed printed hardback books which they will love.

Book printing design…

One thing you need to make sure you have dialed in is the design of your book. When your book goes to print there is little you can do if you need to make changes. Normally when you got to have your book printed you will have a proof copy. After the proof copy is received you can make some minimal design changes to the book. These changes will cost you a little extra as the printers will need to be set-up again with your new files.

After this, it is time to have your book printed. This is where your book will be printed using digital printing methods if you are having short-run printing in the 50 to 900 copy range.

Any print run over this then depending on the page count of your book, you will most likely be having it printed on an offset run.

Offset is where you can get some cheaper pricing for your book. It is how many mass-market books are produced and the publishers are able to have the unit cost so low.

Spine width calculator?

This question comes up quite a lot and it is something which can make your book look professional or very amateur if it is not done correctly. The spine is the side of your book where the cover attaches to the book block. It is attached to the book with a strong glue either EVA or PUR. PUR is a more premium printing option but can cost a little more.

The spine of your book is calculated by the number of pages in your book, the paper thickness, and the cover weight. A normal novel book will have a spine width of around 20mm or more.

Having a nice unique design on the spine will make your book stand out on bookshelves. If you think it is the main thing that you see when hundreds of books are side by side.

Printing on the spine is fine as long as the width of the spine is over 3mm anything under this then your printing options will be limited. For example, having text on a 3mm spine will be a struggle and even if your printer manages to print on that small spine the chances of being able to read it will be slim.

If you want to have your spine bigger then you can either have a thicker paper or have more pages in your book. If you are having more pages then the print cost will rise but only slightly. You will also want to make sure these are not all blank pages because it is not something your reader will enjoy.