Cult Fiction

Some people read stories because they offer an escapism that cannot be found elsewhere. Some people read stories because there's been a power cut. You should read this story because it is very important. It is the story of Stephen Moore. It is also the story of a bench and a fire called Malcolm. Above all, it is the story of the birth of that great religion called Mooranity.

Stephen Moore was a good Christian. He read a small bit of the Bible every evening and went to church every Sunday. He prayed every night that the man in the sky would aid him through his troubles. Then a fire burnt down his house. This did not seem at all fair. As the smoke from the fire drifted away, so did his faith.

To replace the hole left in his life, Stephen formed a support group for those who have lost their beliefs. However, not being a natural leader type, the group began to grow and evolve in ways he had not entirely intended. In fact, it could be argued that it grew in ways exactly opposite to what he had intended. Stephen should have stopped it while there was still time.

Cult Fiction will be published in September 2011.


ISBN: 978-1-908134-01-1
352 pages
RRP: £7.99

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Ardie Collins

About the Author

Ardie Collins is sometimes hungry and rarely late. He has spent half of his life inhaling and near enough the other half exhaling. He can almost speak one language which is only partly contributable to the fact that he is in the middle of making one up. In between these other commitments he has managed to write a small book. It's this one, by the way.