Robert Leroy Parker is a liar. He is a confidence-trickster, a fraud, a rogue and a scoundrel. Robert Leroy Parker is a spy.

Sent to Poland via Nazi Germany as Europe erupts in war, Parker must reach the two men who hold the key to Allied victory. Along the way he becomes an officer in both the British Army and the Waffen SS, arranges the surrender of 35,000 troops, and saves Hitler’s life. The last one was unfortunate.

There are many fine memoirs from World War Two. Only this one is from the man who started it: Robert Leroy Parker.

Stormbringer will be published in March 2012.


ISBN: 978-1-908134-06-6
496 pages
RRP: £7.99


Daniel DeLacy

About the Author

From Nottinghamshire coal mines to emergency medicine, Daniel DeLacy’s journey has taken him to South Wales, war-torn Bosnia and back; pausing only for him to be deported at gunpoint from Bulgaria. Once the youngest elected official in Great Britain, he might have enjoyed a shining political career in the Foreign Office. Instead, he embarked on a career of remarkable variety culminating in this, his story of Robert Leroy Parker’s sensational exploits during the greatest war of all time.